NBT Digital Humanities Big Data

"Digital Humanities" synthesizes different cultures, ranging from Western digital statistics to Eastern I Ching Five Elements, environmental science, to personal Feng Shui. The research of medical records from specialized hospitals includes the analysis of the effect of cosmic energy on human psychology.
Produces a wide range of life data that can be evaluated in several ways. It is possible to analyse massive data after it has been inspected via the essential aspect is that it integrates modern technology with various current data inputs by users to extract real-time personal physiological and emotional shift data from intelligent wearables.
Dr. Jeff Wong derived a comprehensive set of energy management techniques from the "Endorphin Success Mind Method Potential Development Course," a physical immersion experience course designed by mass psychology. Following staff training and stimulation in many fields, it was shown that several seemingly unconnected outcomes on the surface actually have reciprocal influence.

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Training Conference on Endorphin Success Mind Method

Origins of The Digital Humanities

In these highly competitive times, what determines the uniqueness of each of us? How can we identify and develop our distinct talents and potential? How do we come to terms with our own identity and potential? I believe this topic is worth exploring in depth for everyone.

NBT Digital Humanities "is a scientific research at the core of "people," and it divides the variables that will shape personality traits into two essential topics: Internal Factors and External Influences:

1. Internal Factors (Human Body): innate genes, thinking, behavior, inertia, subconscious, and current health.
2. External Influence (Environment): changes in people, interactions between people and things, interactions between people and magnetic fields.

The academic "NBT Digital Humanities" was founded in response to the great age. It has since grown to the commercial sphere and application scenarios. Chicken soup for everyone's soul is a modern book every day. It enables you to control your destiny. It may help people grasp the qualities and thinking patterns to know how to communicate and get along with other people and form a more sincere and harmonious partnership with others.